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Thursday night
16:00 - 17:30 Registration in Banff Centre Foyer
19:30 R. Picker UCN
20:00 S. Cruz Nuclear Structure
20:15 M. Le Dall High Energy Theory
20:30 F. Doresty UCN
20:45 A. Chester Nuclear Structure
21:00 S. Henkelmann High Energy
21:15 O. Hernandez Nuclear Theory
21:30 Reception
07:30 Registration in Kinnear Centre
09:00 A. Gezerlis Nuclear Theory
09:30 M. Abdallah Nuclear Astrophysics
09:45 A. Chuinard High Energy
10:00 N. Bernier Nuclear Structure
10:15 B. Davis-Purcell Neutrinos
10:30 break
11:00 R. Mammei Accelerator Sources
11:30 R. Collister Francium
11:45 R. Seddon High Energy
12:00 R. Dunlop Nuclear Structure
12:15 A. Radich Nuclear Structure
19:30 J. Mammei CREX/PREX
20:00 A. Guiterrez ALPHA
20:15 D. Leahy Nuclear Astrophysics
20:30 break
21:00 S. Rahman MOLLER
21:15 A. Laffoley Beta decay
21:30 R. Ueno High Energy

07:30 Registration in Kinnear Centre
09:00 K. Clark IceCube
09:30 J. Dixon SM Theory
09:45 M. Gignac High Energy
10:00 Z. Papandreou MedicalPhysics
10:15 M. Dunlop Nuclear Structure
10:30 break
11:00 P. Yevgeniy T2K
11:30 Z. Shand Nuclear Astrophysics
11:45 A. Ouyed Nuclear Astrophysics
12:00 F. Shaker T2K
19:00 Saturday dinner in Kinnear Centre
Sunday morning
07:30 Registration in Kinnear Centre
09:00 I. Dillmann Nuclear Structure
09:30 J.L. Pore Nuclear Structure
09:45 T. McCarthy High Energy
10:00 E. Miller UCN
10:15 J. Park Nuclear Structure
10:30 break
11:00 R. Szafron Muon Decay
11:15 M. McCarthy T2K
11:30 M. Lang UCN
11:45 Y. Liang Atomic/Particle Theory
12:00 W. AlTamimi Nuclear Structure

Invited talks are allocated 30 minutes and contributed talks are allocated 15, including questions.