Student prizes are awarded to students who have been selected by a committee appointed by the Conference Chair.

2024 Best Theoretical Physics Presentation    
     1st Prize: Laura Gonzalez Escudero ($500 CAD)
   2nd Prize: Annabelle Czihaly ($300 CAD)
   3nd Prize (tie): Rane Simpson ($200 CAD)
   3nd Prize (tie): Ian Ramirez-Berend ($200 CAD)
  Best Experimental Physics Presentation  
    1st Prize: Paul Deguire ($500 CAD)
2023 Best Overall Presentation    
     1st Prize: Lilianna Hariasz ($500 CAD)
   2nd Prize: Alicia Postuma ($400 CAD)
  Best Presentation in Experimental Physics    
     1st Prize: Emma Emma Klemets ($250 CAD)
   2nd Prize: William Woodley ($200 CAD)
   3rd Prize: Eric Byabeng Fuakye ($150 CAD)
  Best Theoretical Physics Presentation    
     1st Prize: Muhammad Mubasher ($250 CAD)
  Best Undergratuate Presentation    
     Hayden Meadows ($100 CAD)    
  Best Poster Presentation    
     Madeleine Berube ($200 CAD)    
2022 Best Undergraduate Presentation    
     Alicia Postuma    
  Best Experimental Physics    
     1st Prize: Javier Acevedo
   2nd Prize: Amalia Madden
  Best Presentation in Experimental Physics    
     1st Prize: Emma Ellingwood
   2nd Prize: Pooja Woosaree
   3rd Prize: Shroff Maheyer
  Best Overall Student Presentation    
     Frank Wu    
2021 Best overall student presentation    
     Anima Sharma, University of Manitoba    
  Best Presentation in Experimental Physics      
     1 Lia Formenti , McGill University
   2 Guy Leckenby, TRIUMF
   3 Fairhurst Lyons, University of Alberta
  Best Presentation in Theoretical Physics    
     1 Antoine Belley, TRIUMF/UBC
   2 George Palkanoglou , University of Guelph
  Best Undergrad Student Presentation    
     Akanksha Katil, University of Waterloo    
2019 Andrew Evans (University of Calgary) 1st Prize $500
  Alexandre Laurier (Carleton University) 2nd Prize $400
  Dominique Trischuk (University of British Columbia) 3rd Prize $300
  Mark Anderson (Queen's University) 4th Prize $200
2018 Konstantin Lehmann (SFU) 1st Prize $200
  Daniel Durnford (Queen's) 2nd Prize $150
  Robin Hayes (UBC) 3rd Prize $100
2017 Pawel Mekarski (University of Alberta) 1st Prize $650
  Joseph Turko (University of Guelph) 2nd Prize $450
  Etienne Dreyer (SFU) 3rd Prize $250
2016 Alexander Held (UBC) 1st Prize $200
  Andrew MacLean (U. Guelph) 2nd Prize $150
  Savino Longo (U. Vic) 3rd Prize $100
2015 East ( no record )    
2014 Thomas McCarthy (Carleton) 1st Prize $250
  Robert Seddon (Montreal) 2nd Prize $200
  Benjamin Davis-Purcell (McMaster) 3rd Prize $100
2013 Alex Rojas (UBC?) Poster 1st Prize $100
2012 East (no record)    
2011 Tim Friesen (Calgary) 1st Prize $250
  Mathew Kostka (Calgary) 2nd Prize $150
  Vanessa Simon (TRIUMF) 3rd Prize $100
McGill University
McGill University