WNPPC 2022

The Winter Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference is a national meeting for the Canadian subatomic physics community, with a special focus on providing a forum for junior researchers (students and postdocs) to present their research and interact with groups across Canada. The 2022 meeting is being organized TRIUMF, and as usual will feature sessions focusing on the research areas of interest to the Canadian subatomic physics community, both experimental and theoretical. 

WNPPC 2022 is being organized as a virtual conference with talks being presented via zoom. To keep the spirit of this conference, we will organize virtual social events to connect the community and foster exchange between participants. Junior researchers will have the opportunity to interact with invited speakers and other researchers across Canada to discuss research and other topics in a relaxed environment. 

We will be announcing the invited speakers as soon as they are confirmed.

A non-exclusive list of topics presented at the conference are 

Dark Matter searches


Electroweak and Higgs physics

Neutrino properties


QCD and hadrons


Physics beyond the Standard Model


Nuclear structure


Nuclear and particle astrophysics